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The only detox that shows results after any use.

Detoxify your body

According to IARC, humanity faces the highest rates of intoxication that the human body is not prepared to free itself from. Daily lifestyles, with the consumption of processed, enriched and modified foods, as well as medicines, cosmetic and personal hygiene products, tobacco and stress, silently intoxicate as much as urban, industrial and environmental pollution. A clinical study carried out by an independent entity, Intertek®, with real patients, which took place in March and April 2013, demonstrated that after using the plasters the presence of three types of toxic and polluting substances. Benzene compounds; Sugars and dietary fats; Linear, volatile and edible alcohols.

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Detox'Skin Pack 40un

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Detox'Skin Pack 60un.

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Detox Skin

Detox'Skin Pack 20un

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Detox'Skin Pack 10un.

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The appetite

The only thing responsible for weight is that it cannot be controlled with food or exercise.

Reduces hunger. Blocks appetite.

Most people recognize that their eating behavior has changed the moment they realize that between meals there is a predisposition to eat. These symptoms are common in people who try to be careful with their diet and normally eat balanced meals. Snacking between meals puts weight or elegance goals into question, as well as compromising the purpose of diets. Loss of appetite control is related to a huge range of factors. Menopause, some hormonal changes, thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism), very restrictive diets, sadness, stress, and even the intensity of physical exercise, are some of them. The use of medications intended for depression, anxiety, controlling emotions or mood stabilizers are also eligible causes of changes in appetite.

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Just water • Sowash

The oral irrigator that connects directly to all taps. No energy or reservoirs.

The Oral Irrigator

Recommended for all users who require thorough cleaning of all oral cavities. Recommended for use after implant surgery, in the maintenance of orthodontic appliances and prosthetics. Effective in deep oral hygiene, it helps with gingival massage even for users with great sensitivity.

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Now available on a home use device.

Colon health and hygiene

Developed for immediate intestinal cleaning and drainage and more comfortable and safe than conventional enemas. My Perfect Colon is the innovative system for washing your intestines at home. It connects easily to the tap and can be used comfortably while sitting on the toilet in just a few seconds.

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