Legging + String Offer

39,93€ 72,60€

Legging + String Offer

39,93€ 72,60€

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More effective to combat stubborn cellulite and the immediate effect of the remodeling of your silhouette. Can use as a normal Legging, with their usual clothing, at home, at work, at the gym. ... Nigúem will realize what he's using. You will constantar the results very quickly. Backed by clinical study effects in neutral entity.

New Slim Absolut ' Sveltesse ' enriched with Viniferol, 30 times more active than caffeine.

Double Slimming Active complex:

Joined the micro fiber textile technology smart, the most complete and complex assets thinning based on Maritime Saueda, India chestnut extract and minerals.


Stimulates the microcirculation. Volume reducer adipocitos tissue, prevents the formation of fat tissues, assisting the process of lipolise.

Results more visible:

in just 14 days, tested clinically. (With daily use combined with Textile and cosmetic industries)