Minci Patch

Minci Patch relieves appetite 30 days free shipping

Minci Patch

Minci Patch relieves appetite 30 days free shipping


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Minci Patch is a powerful appetite suppressant that acts 24 hours a day, and blocks the release of Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone, and responsible for dietary indiscipline that causes weight gain or failure to achieve results with diets. and regimes.
When you can't stop thinking about eating, MinciPatch helps you control it, so you don't eat what you can't, when you shouldn't.

Normal people have common problems. Solutions such as closing your mouth or fighting the urge to eat have never achieved the best results. You cannot counteract hormonal production, quite the opposite, and inhibition or abstinence from food is a losing fight.

Together with experts from Larune Paris Laboratories, a solution was developed with normal people in mind who, for a variety of reasons, simply cannot stop eating. These people need help controlling the production of the hunger hormone. Ghrelin, through MINCI PATCH thermo-sensitive adhesives.

By using the MINCI PATCH patch daily, you can naturally control the production of Ghrelin, reducing the urge to eat, when "that" feeling of hunger appears, but which is actually just the "desire" to eat.

Minci Patch has achieved exceptional results in the treatment of cases of obesity, where patients struggle with eating disorders. MinciPatch contains Fucus Vesiculosus, and can be administered to patients with diabetes, with absolutely amazing results. Fucus Vesiculosus is a natural substance, and the main active ingredient in MINCI PATCH thermo-sensitive adhesives.

MINCI PATCH adhesives are exclusive to Larune Paris Laboratories, which developed the technology that allows high concentrations of Fucus Vesiculosus to be impregnated into a natural film. As it is thermosensitive, the MINCI PATCH adhesive releases the active substances only after contact with the skin, through prolonged release of the active ingredients. This action acts directly on the central nervous system, also controlling the production of Seratonin and balancing Dopamine levels, both responsible for inappropriate eating behaviors. If you need additional clarification, call 211308986 or 966645134 7 days a week between 10:00 and 22:00.


After placing MINCI PATCH, the temperature of the skin activates the thermo-sensitive adhesive, immediately starting the absorption process. 100% of MINCI PATCH users were able to control their eating naturally.

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