10 Detox'Skin Plasters

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10 Detox'Skin Plasters

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Remove the patch from the packaging and peel off the adhesive film. 2. Then place the patch on the sole of your foot before going to sleep and leave it to act for at least 7 hours. Using the patch while you sleep is more effective. 3. After waking up, remove the plaster. Under normal circumstances the plaster will come off without difficulty or use lukewarm water. A) First uses: It is advisable to use the first two times on both feet simultaneously, thus allowing you to check which side needs more attention. B) Following uses: Can be used alternately on each foot. C) First journey: The best effect is obtained if used during a consecutive journey of between 14 days and 21 days. D) Pauses of use: You can suspend use at any time. E) Resuming use: You can restart use whenever you want. F) Periodic uses: Periodic uses should preferably be after the first day, and for periods of two days a week, using on both feet simultaneously. G) After long periods of pause, it is advisable to restart with indications A), B) and C).

After applying the DETOXSKIN plaster with FREETOX you may feel a slight increase in temperature in the foot, which does not last for more than a few minutes and does not require special attention. When removed, the DETOXSKIN with FREETOX patch should have a sticky texture and a dark color with a greenish, orange or brownish hue. If upon removal you notice a yellowish, reddish or black color with a rough texture, immediately contact our service center from 10:00 to 20:00 by telephone 211308986 - 966645134. If you use a DETOXSKIN patch with FREETOX on any other area of the body other than that indicated, you will not obtain any benefit or consequence. DETOXSKIN plasters with FREETOX are not reusable: After use, throw them away.

DETOXSKIN plasters with FREETOX should not be used as a dressing for healing purposes, wound containment, and should not be placed on unhealed wounds or recent scars. Patients with diabetic foot should remove the FIXON SKIN detox plaster with FREETOX with the help of warm water. The use of DETOXSKIN detox plasters with FREETOX on children should always be done under adult supervision. You should not open the DETOXSKIN detox patch with FREETOX pouch, as this will irreparably damage the product. If you accidentally ingest any of the compounds in DETOXSKIN detox patches with FREETOX, you should drink plenty of water and in case of other symptoms, consult a doctor. It should not be used while walking. See HERE the technical data sheet for DETOXSKIN plasters with FREETOX.

FIXONSKIN detox plasters with FREETOX are produced exclusively by Larune Laboratories, Paris, which has patented the manufacturing process and certified with ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO13485, ISO22716. The natural substances in FIXONSKIN detox plasters with FREETOX come from legally established farms that comply with the responsible exploitation standard, certified by ECOCERT. DETOXSKIN detox patches with FREETOX are a pharmaceutical quality product, notified to the EFSA (European Food and Supplements Agency) health authorities.

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Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before and our bodies struggle against harmful toxins everyday. The modern lifestyles, pollution, chemicals, low in nutrients diets, refined food and stress create toxins that are absorbed by our bodies. The body tries to expel these toxins through the skin, urine and feces, but when it becomes overloaded these toxins remain in the body and may cause health problems.

The detoxifying ingredients in DETOX Foot Patches are a rich combination of natural ingredients named FREETOX ® and comes from the study of trees. Scientists were surprised to see how trees can absorb water from the soil and purify it to ensure healthy growth. They found that the pure sap (also called wood vinegar) has the ability to absorb toxins through the skin when it is applied to the human body acupuncture points.

The DETOX Foot Patches rich in FREETOX® are used on the feet according to the Chinese tradition of foot reflexology. The Foot reflexology is an ancient therapy based on the ideia that various areas in the soles of the feet are connected to glands, organs and other parts of the body. Nerve stimulation in the foot improves energy flow and circulation to the affected areas of the body and helps remove toxins and waste. That is the reason why the feet are the most efective and best location to use DETOXSKIN Foot Patches rich in FREETOX®. The ingredients stimulate the nerve endings, drain toxins and transmit their cleaning power in the body.

A clinical scientific study was made by Intertek® (Independent Authority and World Reference in Environmental Experience and Pollutants) with 32 patients from March to April in 2013.

The study showed the presence of the following three components:
1 - benzene compounds:

Benzene compounds were classified by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) as a known carcinogen on the basis leukemia observed in epidemiological and animal studies.

There are numerous source origins of benzene compounds that we can also find in: Tobacco; Road transport (fuel); Environmental pollution and Industrial activities.

2 - volatile alcohols:

Volatile alcohols included a variety of substances which can be biogenic (naturally occurring) or man manipulated.

They were considered to be originally contained in solid or liquid materials that have stroke in industrial use and are considered pollutants.

Numerous sources are: Alcohol; Perfume; Butane; Propane and organic solvents in paints.

3 - sugar:

Sugar was also found and has a bad reputation. Some experts pointed sugar as the main responsible for the obesity epidemic and multiple cases of diabetes in the West and in developing countries.

Food contains a lot of sugar and does raise levels of glucose in the blood.
Numerous original sources are: sweet food; candy; soda; white sugar; brown sugar; honey; medication and even stress produces sugar in the body. 

DETOXSKIN FREETOX® Foot Patches are clinically proven with published results.

The Benefits of DETOXSKIN FREETOX® Foot Patches advantages are:

- Detoxifies the body while you sleep;
- Detoxifies gradually without side effects;
- Detoxification improves circulation, promotes better sleep and fights fatigue;
- Visible results: the patches darken, leave a strong odor or have a slimy texture when removed from the foot;
- Easy to use;

- 100% natural product;

- Does not Interfere with medication or treatments.

How to use?
1. Make sure your feet are clean;
2. Remove the patch from it's package;
3. Remove the adhesive foil piece and then paste the sticker on the sole of your foot before going to bed;
4. Apply a patch every night, alternating right / left foot up to 14 days. The patch may feel warm after placement. Overnight, the patch gets a dark color, absorbing toxins and waste from your body. It may become sticky depending on the amount of toxins. The patches are not reusable: After use throw away.

How long should I use?
Use DETOXSKIN FREETOX® Foot Patch for at least 6 hours a night to make the most benefits of the ingredients as possible. With continuous use patches will become less dark, which means that the body has already released large quantities of toxins and only needs to periodically apply to maintain the patch as clean as possible .

You should not use FIXON SKIN:

a) - If you are allergic or suffer from hypersensitivity to any component of DETOXSKIN.

b) - If the skin surface has unhealed wounds or scars, rashes or other skin diseases.

c) - In children and elderly people without medical advice.


Wood vinegar extract:

Origin - wood vinegar (pyroligneous acid) is a tree sap liquid which has not been condensed, diluted or mixed with any similar substance. The acid is a Pyroligneous Wood vinegar and pure complex which was first developed in Japan.

Function - Researchers have discovered that the tree sap or wood vinegar of some species has a detoxifying function. In many tests of Pyroligneous acid Wood Vinegar, was been found to be high in absorbency and can help the absorption of toxins released through the skin. The DETOXSKIN FOOT PATCHES contain vinegar sapwood of Eucalyptus, Bamboo and Oak. It is estimated that the dried sap of the trees absorb toxins through the skin and has detoxifying properties.

Bamboo vinegar extract:

Content in the form of patches to support the dried distillate extraction of toxins through the skin. An Asian study showed the ability of trees (especially bamboo) to purify large quantities of water drawn from the roots to produce sap rid of unwanted molecules.

The production of bamboo vinegar has been developed mainly in Japan. The gases produced by combustion are cooled and condensed. This raw material is extracted wood vinegar, which is then distilled to remove tar and other undesirable elements. The result is a liquid of a pale yellow color which is then aged for a year and then condensed five times. After the first extraction process, the extract is then dried for a period of six months before being considered good to be used for the manufacture of patches.

Laminaria digitata:

The originality of Laminaria digitata is that its rich in alginate is the most powerful heavy metal chelator, as it not only captures these toxins, but also promotes their elimination outside of the body. Mercury, aluminum, cadmium, cobalt and radium are toxic heavy metals that gradually accumulate in the body and are responsible for many diseases of our time.

Plant Fibers:

Plant fibers have a high capacity to absorb toxins and heavy metals in lymphatic tissues.

Loquat Leaf:

The plant has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains Corosolic acid that naturally regulates glucose and is used to control the level of sugar in the blood. It helps your body to release antioxidants that your body naturally produces. Antioxidants have the ability to neutralize harmful toxins and boost immunity.


Mint is a plant that also eliminates toxins, including those of the liver.


Has tremendous background and properties to help on hepatic and renal draining. It is particularly recommended for detoxifying the skin and body.


Lemon plays a role in detoxifying the body. It provides the necessary nutrients to the continued functioning of the body, helping to restore the biochemical and minerals in tissues and cells balance, accelerates cell regeneration.


Dextrin is a hydrolysis product of starch, a carbohydrate having the same general formula as starch, but a smaller and less complex molecules having significant absorption properties.


Chitin is one of the most abundant polysaccharides in the world. Chitin has great absorbent properties vis-a-vis toxins such as dioxin, heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead. It therefore has the ability to bind heavy metals, pesticides and toxins.


Chitosan resulting from the deacetylation of chitin which is a structural element from crustaceans skeletons (crabs, shrimp, etc..) And the cell walls of fungi. Chitosan has been used for over 30 years by water companies for its properties to trap toxins, grease, heavy metals and oils. It is the second MOST plentiful fiber, effective cellulose. Chitosan is also widely used by the medical profession because of their remarkable ability to promote the healing of wounds such as burns and skin inflammations. Chitosan traps toxins from the body.


Origin - The Tourmaline is a natural mineral found in Brazil.

Function - Tourmaline emits negative ions and far infrared (FIR). It improves circulation, removes stress, increases mental alertness and enhances the body's immune system. Tourmaline is used in DETOXSKIN Foot Patches to stimulate the reflex points of the foot, and the effects are similar to those of a foot reflexology massage.

Vitamin C:

It promotes the absorption of heavy metals. It is involved in resistance to infections (increasing the functional capacity of leukocytes (body cells that defend us against external aggression)). It prevents the formation of toxic compounds (nitrosamines). Vitamin C contributes to the strengthening of the immune system. White blood cells, guards immunity and contain about 60 times more vitamin C than the blood plasma. Vitamin C has anti-oxidant properties, that is to say, it limits the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also linked to almost all cellular exchanges. Vitamin C converts various heavy metals and toxins in soluble salts and makes them removable. For example, the inactive carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, so it provides the only direct protection against air pollution and smoking.

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