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Tommee Tippee

Recargas Sangenic

27,12€ EUR
Tommee Tippee

Recargas Sangenic

27,12€ EUR
Baby / Tommy Tippee

 All the time wondering if worth reload your Sangenic ... 

... remember the unique features that are available from your home and protect your baby. 

1) antibacterial power of pelicula continues to run even when the diaper is already in the container. + 

2 )   the cassette Sangenic protects the smell. 

3)   twist-lock technology individually seals each diaper blocking so germs and odors.   

4)   100 times more effective than diaper bags   

5 )   ... just have to put the pieces in the container and in a few seconds is ready for use.       

6) the tape is compatible with all Sangenic containers   

7)   the best   protection against germs and odors.  

8) Antibacterial Protection eliminates 99% of germs on contact.   

9) the torsion system & Locks isolate germs and odors.