Anti Wrinkle Poudre Precieuse

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Anti Wrinkle Poudre Precieuse

30,65€ 47,15€

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For centuries, women have been dreaming of a way to preserve the youthful appearance.  Unfortunately, the aging process of the skin is inevitable and over time the cell renewal slows down gradually making the epidermis thickens.  Collagen fibers that strengthen the skin damage and gravity pulls the skin down.  As a result, the skin becomes more and more wrinkled and distends.

There is a powerful solution from the first application

Poudre Precieuse

The new treatment with the purity of the collagen powder, much more effective than the traditional creams and lotions.

An anti-aging, anti-wrinkle results with immediate effect from the first use.

Unique and patented innovation that defies time, and all other cosmetic for the same purpose.


An innovative anti wrinkles treatment and is exceptionally located, developed by experts of laboratories Irati-Paris, for women who want an effective treatment for sagging skin and visible lines in particular. Poudre Precieuse active substances, very enjoyable to use and that gives you the best results, as shown in the clinical study. (study conducted by: DERMSCAN-Domaine Scientifique de la Doua-Bâtiment CEI 2 56, boulevard Niels BOHR 69623 VILLEURBANNE Cedex FRANCE)

Innovative powder texture, this treatment instantly smoothes the surface of the skin and fills the existing lines and visible in the face, neck and chest. An innovative combination of collagen and powerful concentrate of active ingredients to preserve the brightness and youth of your skin day after day. Smooths and fills the skin both on the surface and deeper.  Straightening: 36% fewer wrinkles in 100% of women. FIRMNESS: 39% fewer wrinkles in 100% of women.

ANTI WRINKLES: 51% fewer wrinkles in 100% of women.  LIFTING EFFECT: 41% fewer wrinkles in 100% of women. !  INNOVATIVE: 80% of women find Poudre Précieuse innovation.  REFRESHING and hydrating EFFECT: 100% of women felt immediately.  study conducted on 20 women aged over 40 years-visible deep wrinkles, naso-labial fold, laugh lines, frown lines.



The most technologically advanced innovation in cosmetology, in the form of a "treatment" powder with an absolutely amazing collagen which fills the visible lines and imperfections of the skin, giving a smoothing effect immediately.

Once in contact with the skin, the thin, white and extremely pure dust adheres to all surfaces and eliminates imperfections (wrinkles, lines, rough spots, even reducing scars).

Transforms at once in a film that offers a pleasant sensation of freshness and moisture. Dust fills in wrinkles and eliminates imperfections with an immediately visible effect.

Designed to protect the skin against damage caused by aging and the tensions of daily life, Poudre Précieuse fixes the traces left by time and strengthens the skin.

During the manufacturing process of a classic antianti wrinkles cream, collagen is heated and this inevitably causes lose some properties. On the other hand, the powder form of Poudre Précieuse, which requires a technique that is truly innovative, where no changes in collagen, and are entirely preserved properties.

Consequently, the form gives Poudre Précieuse the following advantages:


Extremely stable in comparison with a solution (aqueous) or the (oil) cream emulsion, giving greater efficiency.

Instantaneous Absorption of collagen which is more effective in the epidermis.

OBJECTIVES  To prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines | Remove imperfections of the skin | Preserve the strength of the skin | Restore elasticity | Hydrate and stimulate cell regeneration | Brighten the skin and restore the skin glow.

Aging-the natural factor!

Skin aging is a complex phenomenon that results in thickening and transformation of the deeper layers of the skin and, particularly, the area containing collagen.

The most striking sign;

And nasty skin aging is the loss of elasticity.

Aggravating Factors affecting aging skin:

Smoker | Alcohol | Poor diet | Stress, fatigue and disease | Pollution | Overexposure to the Sun


Poudre Précieuse

Day and night, helps your skin to defy the effects of aging and daily aggression and restore the properties of his youth.

COMPOSITION specially selected active ingredients to combat sagging skin:

! Collagen;! Bamboo;! Vitamin C;! Phormidium Persicinum;! Phycojuvenine;! Ditripeptide

no parabens added

Rejuvenating PROPERTIES – anti wrinkles | Has a smoothing effect on the skin surface | Reduces wrinkles | Slows down the aging process of the skin | Increases the homogeneity and luminosity of the skin | Refines skin texture | Protects adult stem cells in the DermIS; | Rejuvenates fibroblasts | Reactive synthesis of collagen.


10 ml tube of powder

You can easily use Poudre Précieuse on all skin types and in any areas that need a boost:

The face, forehead, frown lines, laugh lines, nasal-labial folds, décolleté, bust, scars (traces of acne), and even on the back of their hands (a small portion is enough to soften and moisturize the skin)


After cleaning your skin, put a small amount, the size of a small drop of water, Poudre Précieuse at the end of your finger and gently apply a massage with circular motion, until the powder is completely absorbed (preferably after you have placed your usual moisturizer).

1. For an immediate and daily and reaffirm smoothing effect:

Apply every morning (before using makeup)

2. For an instant glow:  Apply the powder from time to time (before a night out, for example) 3 

. As a treatment:  An application every morning for a month. Renew the treatment as needed.  Should be used daily.

SHOULD NOT USE:  Suffer from hypersensitivity to any of the components or has medical restrictions for the use of  cosmetics. -The area where the product has rashes, wounds or scars.

Water Components, sililato silica, silica, glycerin, propane-1.3-diol, NYLON-12, Bambusa arundinacea Stem dust, gluconolactone, ethyl Ascorbic acid, vinyl dimethicone/Methicone, silsesquioxano Crosspolymer soluble collagen, sodium Hyaluronate, hexapeptido-48 HCL, hydrolysed protein, rice extract, laminaria digitata extract persicinum phormidium, methicone, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, water from the sea, levulínico acid, xylitol, sodium benzoate